Training & Professional Development

training-professional-developmentAt PCC we offer training programs that range from basic operational instruction to in depth end user and technical user training sessions complete with custom manuals.


Training During Installation

Every PCC installation includes a comprehensive knowledge transfer of how to correctly use and manage their audiovisual system. We believe the more that our customer’s understand and use their systems, the more successful the implementation becomes. We also help our customers think of new and innovative ways to use the technology in their environment so they can maximize their investment.

As part of our installation process, the last step to closing out a project successfully is to ensure that our customer knows what the system capabilities are and how to operate it properly.  Because end users have different levels of comfort with technology, and systems vary in complexity, we will define what the expectations are for training and documentation during the needs analysis process and then tailor the deliverables to fulfill the requirements of each client on a per project basis.


On Going Training & Professional Development

PCC offers industry leading professional development for our products and even training for products not purchased through us. We have courses from basic to advanced sessions to help our customers take advantage of the latest technology.

PCC also provides end user and administrative training at the customer’s request. Throughout the needs analysis process, we will work with our partners and manufacturers to help match up the correct training courses needed to meet the specific requirements of each individual customer.

PCC’s SMART Certified Trainer can provide training services on SMART Boards, the world’s leading interactive whiteboard, SMART Response Interactive Systems, Presentation tools & more.

smart-logoTake advantage of either our half-day or full-day training sessions that are customized to your particular requirements and teach you everything you need to know about equipment setup & operation.

Some factors that may help determine the level and types of training for your organization are as follows:

  • Type of equipment
  • Whether the session is remote or onsite
  • Number of participants

Other Training Programs

  • Manufacturer training
  • Training by Manufacturer Representative


For more information about PCC Training or Professional Development programs, please call PCC’s Toll Free # (888) 262-7596 ext. 110.