Design & AV Consulting

PlanningPCC is a full service design/build firm that provides consulting and design services for Business Communications & AV Systems.

Our many years of experience in the Communications and AV industry with highly certified design staff have created a degree of trust for many of our clients who rely on us for our design expertise.

Every room we design is customized to our clients needs and to make sure that the space is used in the most optimal way possible. We will design and configure the ideal system, based on your objectives and the physical characteristics of the room(s)/space where you’ll be using the system.

The consulting and design process begins with a site walk through and needs assessment meeting with you and your team. During this part of the process we observe the space, ask questions, but most importantly listen to client’s ideas, goals, and concerns.

During this initial site survey and needs assessment meeting, we establish a dialog covering the overall scope of the project and outline the requirements. These discussions develop a basic understanding of the functional requirements for the system, as well as your operational expectations.

During the first meeting we try to identify any special considerations or construction issues that must be addressed and any impediments or limitations that would restrict the overall design. We also discuss your budget and expected timeline for completion.

We try to keep our contractual framework as flexible as possible and craft an approach to fit our client’s needs and comfort level. For some clients, we use a Time & Materials contract that includes a retainer with hourly rates for work, to be billed as it is expended. For other clients we use a fixed fee contract for the entire scope of the design project.

In the end, it is our primary objective and core focus to design a system that meets your needs, that is easy for the end-users to use and operate, that is easy to manage and maintenance/service and enhances productivity, collaboration and communications.