Video Conferencing & Unified Communications Services

video-conferencingThe benefits of video conferencing and unified communications are clear: reduced operating costs, faster and more informed decision making, individuals and teams spend less time in transit and more time focused on their core competencies.  PCC works with the most trusted brands in the industry (Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize and Skype for Business) to deliver cost saving video and teleconferencing solutions that help organizations enhance communications and save thousands in travel related expenses.  We can help you choose the right solution for your organization to ensure rapid ROI and wide-scale adoption.  PCC has the expertise to assist your organization throughout the entire process – from choosing the right solution to design and implementation.

Because today’s workforce and student population has become increasingly mobile. Businesses, federal and state offices, educational institutions and organizations of all types have the need to be connected regionally, nationally, and even globally. Resources, expertise and information are available all over the world. In just the last few years, there has been a monumental shift in the way we communicate. Video conferencing technology brings it all together because it allows instantaneous face-to-face communication anytime, anywhere. Because the implementation of video conferencing technology can reduce or eliminate business related travel, it is known not only for the cost savings that it delivers, but as a green technology that can be a valuable tool for companies committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. However, there is more to come as unified communications connects your desktop to the world allowing for all in one video, voice and data sharing.

Through our many years of experience designing and implementing business to business video conferencing solutions, we have come to understand the challenges of video – so we design solutions that eliminate the complexity – making the technology transparent to both users and administrators. By designing in video as an IT application, versus a parallel, standalone application, we make video useable, manageable and operational just as any other application on the network.

Because video is such a core component of the overall unified communications environment. Ensuring seamless and cohesive integration of video as part of our customers overall UC environment enables a cohesive, plug-and-play system, which can, almost immediately, return the benefits that our customers need and expect.

At PCC, we have extended our technical expertise in unified communications to include the connection of video, voice and data from the office, to meeting spaces, and beyond. Every system we design is tailored to meet the individual and unique needs of our customer, enabling them to increase productivity, efficiency, and of course – profits.

PCC has designed thousands of video conferencing solutions for business, health care, education, public safety and government. These systems include:


  • Boardrooms
  • Training / Distance Learning Rooms
  • Video conferencing for human resource recruiting, interviewing & selection


  • Telemedicine
  • Distance learning in medical education and CME
  • Distance learning in human resource training and development
  • Video conferencing for healthcare administration


  • Smart Classrooms
  • Distance Learning Rooms

Government & Public Safety

  • Homeland Security
  • 911 & Emergency Operations Centers
  • Mobile Command Units
  • Fire & Police Stations
  • Tele-Justice
  • Courtrooms
  • City & State–Inter/Intra Agency Office Communications
  • Military installations Communication Systems

For more information about PCC Video Conferencing or Unified Communication Solutions, please call PCC’s Toll Free # (888) 262-7596 ext. 110.