Touch Panel Control Systems

touch-panel-control-systemsPCC designs, integrates and programs the leading brands of configurable control systems for business, education, public safety, government, military, and healthcare customers to manage all their audiovisual components and environmental systems, such as lighting, shades or thermostats – all from an intuitive easy-to-use single touch panel, remote or custom keypad. This achieves a synergy that greatly enhances functionality, ease of use, and energy savings.  Now our customers can schedule, monitor and manage all their systems and devices, centrally and globally, from a touch panel, PC or SmartPhone, for the ultimate comfort and convenience, while reducing costs and maximizing energy efficiency.

Our configurable control systems enable effective communication in a variety of presentation environments ranging from small, single projector classrooms to large-scale entertainment venues. Applications include corporate boardrooms, presentation/training centers and university lecture halls, government and healthcare settings, network operation/command centers, hotels, courtrooms, broadcast venues, and houses of worship.

We can help you enhance curriculum through easy-to-use technology for teachers and professors. From one touch on an intuitive touch panel select to play a DVD, use a document camera, or present a PowerPoint from the PC. We can design a custom touch panel control system that makes it easy for instructors to use classroom technology, and for IT Managers to support hundreds of rooms through the standard IP network. This will allow your Tech Support to remotely manage your classrooms, labs, conference rooms and auditoriums globally and remotely, control lighting and climate by time of day and usage or check lamp life and schedule maintenance.

Whether you need to control an AV presentation, international videoconferencing or to update your digital signage, PCC has a configurable control system to keep you connected. Monitor your enterprise to increase sustainability by tracking your carbon footprint to see where you use on site energy, and how you can continue to reduce energy costs. Add room sensors and set presets for shades to control daylight harvesting and only use lights as they are needed. Show off your energy savings from a flash-based, stylish interface in your lobby. Book an available conference room that has the technology and space you need, directly from Outlook or on your web browser. There are no limitations to keep your organization on the cutting-edge, increase efficiencies and lower costs with a configurable control systems designed by PCC.

For more information about PCC Configurable Control System Solutions, please call PCC’s Toll Free # (888) 262-7596 ext. 110.