Interactive Technologies

PCC specializes in Interactive Touch Technologies; interactive displays, interactive whiteboards, digital signage systems, hand-held tablets and touch panel control systems for business, education, healthcare, public safety and government environments. PCC designs custom integrated solutions to help increase collaboration and foster engagement using TRIUMPH, NEWLINE TRUTOUCH, PROWISE, SHARP and SMART interactive flat-panel displays and whiteboards that are optimized for boardrooms, conference rooms or classrooms. With crystal-clear visibility, exceptionally smooth, responsive touch interactivity and durable designs, today’s interactive touch displays will be at the center of simple, natural, engaging meetings and learning experiences for years to come.

PCC’s Interactive Technologies utilize touch detection like a tablet or iPad with precise touch capabilities and provide a highly visual and interactive experience that enable levels of content interaction never before seen. Our interactive flat panel displays and whiteboards can be used in any meeting or learning environment. They can be used for breakout groups in smaller conference rooms or classrooms or to conduct informal meetings or learning sessions outside of lecture halls. Customers can add mobility with mobile stands, making it possible to move their display around the room or even take it to a lab, gymnasium, cafeteria or other flexible teaching and meeting space.

PCC’s interactive flat panel displays and whiteboards transform the traditional “front-of-the-room” interactive display into a collaborative meeting room or learning center where multiple participants can simultaneously share ideas, practice team-based problem solving, manipulate images and edit digital content. Whether in a hallway brainstorming session, a meeting room or in a remote location, customers have the ability to simply pick up a pen or use their finger to work collaboratively with complex visual data. That way everyone can contribute to the meeting – upending disengagement and freeing knowledge workers from unproductive meetings.

Our interactive displays are compatible with either TRIUMPH’s Cloud Interactive Software, Display Note, VB Script, RMEASYTEACH, Octopus, IdeaMax, SMART Meeting Pro software or Notebook collaborative learning software. With today’s software it’s easy to share and save meeting or presentation notes. You can capture all of your notes, screenshots, images and videos to a single file. This content can be saved as objects and manipulated, reorganized and reused. You can also write and save digital notes directly into several software applications, including Microsoft Windows versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel, Adobe Acrobat and Autodesk AutoCAD software. And, you can e-mail your files to students anytime during your presentation.

PCC’s Interactive Technology solutions used by our education customers produce a seamless interaction between teachers, students and the connected classroom. Our goal is to empower educators with the most effective classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement.

We understand that today’s connected classroom is a springboard for the connected world of tomorrow. Educational technology is an inherent part of the collaborative learning process and needs to constantly adapted to the fit the rapidly changing education ecosystem. That is why, at PCC, we are eager to hear about the goals that you have for your educators and students; Partner with us to develop an interactive solution tailored to empower you to achieve your goals.

In today’s digital, touchscreen-powered world, people expect—and enjoy—the ability to interact with digital signage. With the change in the way consumers are engaging with and consuming information, there has been a definite shift in expectations for interactivity in digital signage. Readily-deployable Interactive Digital Signage is here. Consumers want to engage in a two-way exchange and access relevant information when they need it, not simply to have communications pushed out at them on digital displays. But that communication is designed to have a message relayed to a group of people. Adding interactivity to digital signage takes it to the next level and engages the customer. This new engagement of the user is a one-to-one strategy that is quite different than with traditional static signage. Today there exists emerging interactive technology that provides users with access to live video calls directly from a digital signage display and interactive content delivery systems designed to engage users and enhance communications. This new technology that enables users to talk live, face-to-face with customer service personnel via any screen, in any location is opening opportunities for better collaboration in sectors such as retail, banking, manufacturing, and many more.