Healthcare Solutions

healthcare-mainPCC designs, installs and supports secure and reliable audiovisual and unified communication technology solutions for the healthcare market, whether they are a large urban hospital or small rural facility, primary care provider, medical specialist, or long-term care/assisted living facility.

Healthcare organizations of all types; hospitals, physicians offices, counseling professionals, clinics, surgical centers, long-term care facilities and their support staff have come to depend on sophisticated audiovisual technology to deliver the clarity of material used to make diagnoses, provide care, teach and train staff and communicate with patients. This type of technology not only facilitates quick delivery of information but also allows for medical practices to be accessible through solutions such as peer-to-peer and public communications, interactive teaching and training, mentoring, or remote consultation and diagnosis.

Man Having Video Chat With DoctorPCC also designs Telemedicine’s solutions that offer our healthcare customers the ability to increase the level and quality of care to their rural facilities, overcome staff shortages, reach new markets, and improve access for continuing medical training and education of their employees– all while controlling costs. Other Telemedicine solutions that PCC provides speed up the delivery of medical treatment to patients in ambulances and trauma centers. Our healthcare customers patients also benefit from the increased ease of access, improved level of care, less travel time and travel cost, shorter wait times while gaining access to a broader network of unique medical expertise, doctors and specialists available on an emergency basis if needed.

USE ON BOTTOM RIGHT Healthcare PicHere is a listing of some of the types of turnkey audiovisual solutions PCC designs and installs for the Healthcare market:

  • Consultation Rooms
  • Surgical Suites
  • Observation Rooms
  • Lecture Halls & Auditoriums
  • Training Facilities
  • Conference & Meeting Spaces
  • Telemedicine
  • Waiting Rooms & Lounges
  • Digital Messaging in Public & Employee Areas