Federal, State & Local Government Solutions

governmentEvery day, federal, state and local governments are challenged with providing a wide array of services to citizens, businesses, and even other governments; from everyday services to emergency response.  When communication, control and monitoring are mission critical, they need stable communication systems that they can count on 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year. Advanced, integrated audiovisual and unified communication systems that support local, state and federal government agencies, military, police and fire departments, must be robust, reliable, secure and serviceable.  In many systems, downtime is not an option.

The challenge today for many government agencies has increased as they have to do more with less. Along with the task of providing so many services, most agencies must strive to reduce operational costs, while increasing their effectiveness and productivity.  Over the past 17 years, PCC has developed extensive experience in assisting government agencies in reducing their costs while increasing productivity through the use of integrated video conferencing technology. PCC can provide your agency with audiovisual and unified communications technology solutions that will help promote accurate and secure communications and enhanced training practices.

For presentation systems we provide high-tech projectors, displays and monitors that transform your presentation into a visual, interactive environment allowing you to achieve more in your team meetings.

SMART-courtroomWe provide a combination of collaboration platforms and interactive whiteboards or displays that are both sophisticated and intuitive. PCC’s interactive solutions enable government teams to write notes in digital ink, communicate with remote participants and enhance collaboration. Today’s interactive technologies can help your agency speed up communication, share ideas and save time, on-site, across the country or during brain-storming, planning, problem solving or training sessions.

Spread out in locations across the country, many state and local governments face communication challenges. Today, video conferencing systems are transforming the way state and local government agencies communicate. Costs have come down and reliability has improved. PCC has helped government agencies of all kinds install this technology to increase productivity, reduce travel cost, and fulfill their green initiatives.

First responders and public safety agencies utilize video conferencing systems to improve emergency response times and maintain continuity of operations in critical situations. We can help your agency enhance communications through a high definition, integrated video conferencing solution to meet your inter/intra-agency communication needs, increase your service effectiveness, improve your responsiveness and productivity and reduce your travel costs. By creating these virtual meeting experiences that are so realistic, participants will feel as if they are in the same room, even when they are located miles apart. As a result, the need for your staff to travel for meetings is reduced, saving travel related costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

SMART-sheriffPCC’s Digital signage solutions can deliver important messages immediately, effectively and affordably to federal government offices, military facilities, emergency services, or community-based government. Emergency messages, security updates, news feeds, and bulletins can be delivered via user-friendly interface that allows for easy creation, scheduling and delivery of communications.

Here is a listing of some of the types of turnkey audiovisual solutions PCC designs and installs for government agencies:

  • Fire Departments, Police Departments, Mobile Command Units
  • Airports
  • Court Rooms
  • City Council Chambers
  • Command & Control Centers
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Military Facilities
  • Public Conference & Meeting Spaces
  • Trade & Convention Centers
  • Auditoriums
  • Briefing Centers
  • Training Facilities
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Digital Messaging & Scheduling for Lobbies & Meeting Rooms