Corporate / Business Enterprise Solutions

corporateIn today’s highly competitive, fast paced and demanding corporate environment, presentation, communication and collaboration technologies play an essential role in conducting daily business. PCC assists businesses and organizations with planning and creating fully integrated workspaces that contain audiovisual technology and unified communications that are integral to increasing productivity and efficiency through effective communication and creative collaboration. Our custom audio, video, presentation, conferencing, and messaging solutions will help you meet your business goals and objectives by transforming your business needs into a reality that is powerfully conveyed using superior quality sound and imagery.

PCC has deep expertise in the corporate enterprises marketplace developing presentation, communication and collaboration technologies and solutions to help our customers increase communication effectiveness, productivity and connect organizations to their employees, customers and suppliers. Because our customers’ needs and room environments differ so much, we usually provide a highly customize solution for each installation taking into account such factors as:

  • Ease of use, since the attendees may not be tech savvy
  • Camera coverage ensuring visibility of all attendees
  • Hi-quality legibility, visibility and audibility of subject discussion
  • Minimal ambient noise
  • Physical comfort
  • Avoidance of ‘crow’s nest of wires’
  • Future expandability and upgradeability

For presentation systems we provide high-tech projectors, displays and monitors that transform your presentation into a visual, interactive environment allowing you to achieve more in your business meetings.

We provide a combination of collaboration platforms and interactive whiteboards or displays that are both sophisticated and intuitive. PCC’s interactive solutions enable corporate teams to write notes in digital ink, communicate with remote participants and enhance collaboration. Today’s interactive technologies can help your organization speed up communication, share ideas and save time, on-site, across the country or during brain-storming, business planning, problem solving or training sessions.

corporate-middlePCC also works with businesses to enhance their communications through high definition, integrated video conferencing technologies.  In today’s global environment, distance is no longer a barrier to working, communicating or collaborating with other team members, customers or suppliers. Today’s audio and video conferencing solutions allow for seamless communication, even if you are half way across the world. Reduce travel costs and boost productivity with conferencing systems from Cisco, LifeSize or Polycom. Did you know that people learn twice as much in face-to-face meetings as in voice-only conversations? And that more than half (about 55%) of the impact of visual communication comes from facial expressions and body language (with only 38% coming from vocal inflection)? Work more productively and efficiently face-to-face with anyone, wherever they are.

PCC’s Digital signage solutions can deliver important messages throughout an organizations facility or work environment. Employee communications, corporate announcements, performance tracking data and metrics, news feeds, bulletins and ticker information can be delivered via user-friendly interface that allows for easy creation, scheduling and delivery of communications.  Emergency message can also be broadcast across these systems should an instance arise.

Here is a listing of some of the types of turnkey audiovisual solutions PCC designs and installs for the Corporate market:

  • Boardrooms & Executive Offices
  • Integrated Conference & Meeting Rooms
  • Multipurpose Spaces & Divisible Rooms
  • Video Conference Suites
  • Executive Briefing Centers
  • War Rooms
  • Customer Experience Centers/Demonstration Rooms & Sales Suites
  • Training facilities
  • Network Operations & Call Center
  • Auditoriums
  • Employee Cafes & Lounges
  • Digital Messaging & Scheduling for Lobbies & Meeting Rooms